This intricate waterfall necklace will trickle down your neckline, adding a bold yet tranquil touch to your look. The large pendant has been meticulously hand crafted from 1/8" thick quilling paper strips in various shades of blue ranging from a light blue and sea foam green to teal, denim, and rich navy. This is a fabulous statement piece of flair and fantasy. It hangs from a lovely 16" sterling silver rope chain and accents the collar bone beautifully. The pendant has been hand painted in a sealant making it water resistant and UV resistant. It is super lightweight.


Pendant approx. 1.5in x 3.5in

16" long .925 sterling silver chain

This item is made to order which means I will make you a fresh piece as soon as you order. Your piece will look nearly identical to the photographs provided. Small variations may be present, as each item is one of a kind.

If you like these and prefer a different size or color combination please message me. I will be delighted to make you a custom piece!


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What is quilling?

Quilling is also known as paper filigree. It is an ancient art form that involves curling, rolling, looping, scrolling and coiling thin strips of paper into various shapes for decorative and artistic purposes.

All of my quilled paper jewelry is what I like to call "rain or shine", as I carefully hand-paint each piece with a sealant that makes it water resistant and UV resistant. This sealant also provides a sturdiness to the paper which makes it just as robust as "regular" jewelry. I do not recommend swimming in or sitting on your quilled paper jewelry :) but it is suitable for everyday wear. As with all precious jewelry, careful storage of your paper jewelry is also advised.

For more information about quilling please see my FAQs section by clicking here.

Waterfall Necklace Blue Paper Quilled Pendant