NEW Paper Quilled Heart Stud Earrings

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June is always a busy month for me.  Most of my family was born in June so we have lots of planning, celebrating, and gift wrapping to do.  As such, it's been a little while since I listed a new item and I'm excited to give you another option for stud earrings!

Today I've released the new Little Heart Stud Earrings most of all because I think they are cute and pretty.  These mesh perfectly with the current minimalist trend but this is also a response to the many parents who have told me their young girls don't yet wear dangles.

*On a side note, I feel the pain of the little girls who are told they are not old enough for dangly earrings.  I was that little girl.  Despite my nature to almost always follow directions and do what I'm told, when I was seven years old I rebelled for the dangles.  I snuck a pair of my Grandmother's clip on dangle earrings into my backpack before school on first grade picture day.  I only put them on right as I was in line for my closeup, Mr. Demille, and removed them after.  I'm not sure I ever did anything this sneaky in my entire life before or since.  My parents were none the wiser until we got the pictures back a few weeks later.  There was their adorable baby girl with her pink dress, missing front teeth, and golden ringlets hanging right beside a gawdy, ridiculous pair of gold beaded dangly earrings.  This is one of my parents' favorite stories now, but boy was I in trouble at the time...and all for the sake of jewelry,*

But I digress...these earrings are perfect for little girls and ladies loving the minimalist trend alike.

Get your pair here in your choice of many different colors!


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