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She looks forward to working with you to create beautiful things upon her return!
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Please note we will not be taking holiday orders for 2020.  Thank you for your understanding.


Some of you will want to scream at me for putting out a Christmas post already.  But do you realize Christmas is just TWO MONTHS AWAY!?

This may not seem like a big deal for those of us who like to do our shopping amidst Christmas carols, Paper Quilled Elf Ornament Paper Quilling Decorationfalling snow, and garland lining every window, because it's just not time yet for goodness sake!  However, I know it's time for me to start talking about Christmas gifts when people begin ordering them from me.  This year I sold my first little elf ornament back in September so I'd say it's about time for me to get on the Pony Express.

I have heard from many customers that it is a tradition in their home to buy a new ornament every year.  I feel especially blessed that some people have chosen to buy their annual ornaments from me and to include me in this very special tradition.  Ornaments can be very personal but did you know they can be personal-ized?

One of the benefits of choosing to buy handmade lies in the ability of the artist to personalize each piece according to the vision of their customer.  Of course you can choose the angel that looks exactly like the one in the picture and I will be delighted to make her for you.  But, you can customize her in countless ways including size, skin color, dress color, hair color, and hair style!  Year after year I make elves, angels, and Santas using fine details chosen by my customers.  If you want a boy angel instead of a girl, you got it!  If you want Santa to be in a green suit instead of red, be my guest!  Want your elf to wear a rainbow striped outfit, no problem!  All you have to do is ask.  Customizations on ornaments include but are not limited to the following:


  • Clothing colors - I have over 90 colors available including metallics
  • Size - available as small as 2 inches for table top trees and as large as 12-14 inches for full sized trees
  • Skin color - from light pink, peach, olive, light brown, brown, very dark brown, and everything in between
  • Eye color - any colors available to match your deep blues, gorgeous greens, or a brown eyed girl
  • Hair color - blonde, brunette, ginger, white, gray...try me!
  • Hair style - curly, straight, pigtails, bun, half up half down, pixie, boy hair, and more
  • Hair length - short, medium, long, rapunzel....
  • Angel wings - the angels wings are available in several different styles; classic, fancy, and pink.  I'll even add them to an elf if you like!


Please take a peek at some of the custom creations I've crafted over the years.  Be inspired and request your custom ornament today.

Custom Paper Quilled Ornaments for Christmas
Mini Quilled Angel Brown Skin Yellow Dress Fancy Wings Medium Size Angel Tree Topper Lightweight Paper Quilling Large Angel Paper Quilled Christmas Ornament
Paper Quilled Christmas Angel Ornament Tree Topper Multi cultural angel ornament tree topper paper quilling Paper Quilled Angel Ornaments Black and White
Elf Ornaments Boy and Girl Paper Quilling Black Brown Elf Ornament Paper Quilled Christmas Christmas Elves Ornaments Small Large
Brown Black Elf Girl Ornament Paper Quill Christmas Elf Ornament Paper Quill Christmas Decoration Ginger Elf Girl Ornament Paper Quilled
Brown Black Santa Ornament Paper Quilling Multi Cultural Santa Ornament Christmas Quilling Paper Santa and Mrs Claus Ornaments Paper Quilling



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